About Lajfingers

Lateefah Adewunmi Jumah has been passionate about writing since high school. She has always had a mental picture of stories in her mind and she works towards making every of her thoughts a reality. She has a creative mind with an imaginary prowess that has assisted her passion immensely.

She published her first novel titled: THE INCOMPATIBLE, in 2015. She writes primarily on social media with the pen name: LAJ FINGERS.

Her love for righteous upbringing gave birth to many stories, including BEAUTY, BRAIN AND CHARACTER: BBC series, BEHIND MY SMILE, and numerous others. She loves to teach children and teenagers about the right way to live in the way Allah will be pleased with. She also loves to share marital nuggets that can assist couples in their marital journey.

Lateefah is a graduate of English Language. Her hobbies are writing, watching events and advocating for the girl child among others. She’s married to a highly supportive husband. She’s blessed with amazing children. She also has good people in her circle who believe she can reach the stars.