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LOVE AND FATE is the roller coaster love story of three friends – Farhana Akintunde, Aafiyah Salako and Inaya Balogun.

The three friends had different backgrounds, different personalities but their love stories seemed to be the same.

Farhana’s love story was threatened by her villainous stepmother, who stood in the way of her progress in life.

A sad experience of Aafiyah’s dad dragged her love story in the mud. Her dad, who was traumatised by the terrible experience he had with the Hausa tribe, would stop at nothing to destroy her relationship with the one she had chosen – a Hausa man. What an unpredictable life!

Similarly, Inaya also had her own share of the ill-fated love; unfortunately for her, the man she chose to marry had blood affiliation with the killer of her brother. 

Tears, melancholy, setbacks and sleeplessness became these jolly friends’ companions. 

Sad! What would be the end of their journey? Would they be able to overcome this hurdle? Find out in this highly fascinating, gravitational and lesson-filled love story. 


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