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ODODO – FLOWER ; The plight of a Trying To Conceive wife!

ODODO – FLOWER ; The plight of an only child whom much is expected from!

ODODO – FLOWER ; The plight of an only child who has infertility scare! Ha! An only child whose mother suffers so much to have?!

Would it not be a case of repeated history?

ODODO – FLOWER ; The plight of every married woman who’s expected to have a child!

Bubbly, Affable, Vivacious, Warm, Pleasant! These and more are the adjectives that describe HEEBATULLAH ODODO ENIEYE, an only child of Mr and Mrs Enieye, the couple who wait so long to have a child and whose prayers are only answered when all hopes are nearly lost; at their old ages.

The story ODODO – Flower, represents the struggle of every woman going through fertility issues. Endometriosis, PCOS, Congenital heart defects and other fertility issues are what some women go through. This particular story sheds more light on PCOS as one of the causes of infertility and the need for every woman to pay attention to changes in their body and also the need for everyone to be nice towards people going through delay in conceiving. You don’t know what people are going through. Please be nice.

HEEBATULLAH ODODO ENIEYE, the delectable only child, grows up to truly be a beautifully scented Flower that spreads sweet fragrance everywhere she goes. While journeying through life, her paths cross with Ammar, a righteous young man and for her, it is admiration, love and fantasy at first sight. And oh well, he reciprocates her love and it is such a heartwarming experience. Their love grows into something beautifully amazing. But there’s an obstacle that threatens their love story. What is it?

Find out in this highly informative, interesting, captivating and beautifully penned story – ODODO – FLOWER.


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