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SUNSHINE: Nadrah was a victim of sexual abuse and coupled with the bad model her father was to her, her mindset about men being good-for-nothing was formed and as a result, she vowed not to get married in order to protect herself from this gender that she perceived as notorious. And to achieve this, she kept men off with a ruthless energy. Her childhood trauma kept following her everywhere she went and unfortunately, her reason for staying away from men kept getting stronger everyday due to her encounter with men.

Taariq was her childhood friend and he’d developed an innocent love for her from childhood. As they grew in age, his love for her only increased. Even with her disposition to marriage and her violent and aggressive ways of keeping men off, he didn’t back down. He didn’t give up on her either. He continued to find all means within his power to make her change her mindset and embrace love. Will Taariq’s persistence change Nadrah’s adamancy? Will she embrace love eventually? What exactly is SUNSHINE? And when exactly did SUNSHINE illuminate her life? Find out in this intriguing, captivating and educational story that’ll get you at the edge of your seat and make you keep asking for more with every chapter you read.


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