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Ridwan is a loafer and a freeloader who enjoys taking from others without willing to give anything in return. This habit becomes a part of him till he gets married.

Jameelah notices his parasitic behaviour but ignores it and continues to fund his irresponsible lifestyle.

They eventually get married and Ridwan turns from bad to worse. He lazes around while his wife works and feeds him. The best adjective to describe him is a gigolo. A shameless one at that.

How long will Jameelah endure the burden of her abnormal relationship?

Is this parasitic marriage going to be an everlasting journey with the roles of a husband and wife being swapped?

What did Allah say about the roles of a husband and wife in a marriage?

Find answers to these questions in this informative, educational, enlightening, interesting and captivating story which is aimed at opening the eyes of single ladies to things they need to know and do before saying: ‘I DO’ in order to avoid future tears, agony and regrets.


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